Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Fairy cakes and attitude

Today I had the urge to bake. It is my new hobby, however fitting it in with an excitable 9 month old can be challenging! Anyhow, I found an online recipe for fairy cakes, and off we went shopping... we had lunch in the cafe and Eden decided now would be a fun time to scream - not because she was upset or anything, just because she thinks it's funny. However it wasn't so funny when everyone nearly jumped out of their skin, she is TOOOOOO loud!

Back home I waited until Eden was distracted and got my "bake on".

Here's the recipe, simple but so scrummy:

Eden's contribution was to lick the spoon :o)

Really messy but they where yummy!

Later, after she had eaten I gave her some of her favourite - melon, I came back into the room and this was how she was sat:

Shel x

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