Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Look who's talking!

So today started out pretty unremarkable, usual rainy British weather, an average Tuesday. Eden was on good form although we had a lack of things to do due to the rain. So we played with her new ball, as she has learnt now to sit opposite me and push the ball to me and I pass it back, she gets so excited bless her!

I got some Photoshop actions online today so I have been having a little play around with some pictures I took. How cute is this headband.


Her nan was picking her up for a couple of hours so I could crack on and get some housework done and out of the way. I love those couple of hours to myself, even when I am doing housework. I turn the music up loud and lose myself for a little while, then when Eden comes in she gives me the biggest smile like she has really missed me.

Well today was a little different, when my mum was leaving she did the usual "bye bye" with a wave of the hand to Eden - she usually just smiles but today she said "bye bye!!" it wasn't like a real bye bye more of a baby "bah bah" - but you get the jist of it.

I am super excited, I am hoping that this will be the start of her speech development. I mean she has been saying "mamma, dadda, babba" for a while now but this seems like she was really trying to say a regular word.

 I am a very excited, thrilled mum!

Shel x

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  1. I LOVE her outfit so cute! and what a great headband and she keeps it on.