Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bogey Baby

Would you believe that after last week I have a sick baby again. She had a few great days and now she has a cold again, bigger and badder than before. I should have know because when I took her to nursery the other day (which didn't go too well either!) a few of the kids obviously had colds and I kinda knew she would pick one up again. Oh well, I am sure there is a lot more sickness where that came from as it's part of growing up. I just feel so bad for her with her little red nose, so sweet.


Despite her nasty cold, today we took Eden to Botany Bay and she was in relatively good spirits but she was a little tearful so we will keep her in tomorrow.
There was an adventure playground for children and Eden went in the ball pool. She was a bit unsure but loved watching the other children playing. I really hope for her that she will be a bit of a social butterfly when she is older and enjoy mixing with other children. For now though we will enjoy introducing her to new experiences every day, new food, people, sights and sounds it's all very exciting when your 9 month sold!

Have a great day!

Shel x

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  1. Your baby is so sweet! She is precious... Hope she feels better soon.

    Nice blog, too!